We want to introduce you to our new mascot, Pulcinella! Scroll down below his portrait to find out more on the history of this character.


Best known as a happy-go-lucky trickster, Pulcinella loves delicious food, a bottle of wine, and causing some mischief! He often wears a wrinkly black mask, and you can recognize him by his distinctive beak of a nose, baggy clothes, and a tall, white hat. You never know what to expect with Pulcinella. He’s always ready for a hilarious escapade!

Pulcinella is a beloved character in the Italian commedia dell’arte, which is a form of Italian theater dating back centuries!  We have the commedia dell’arte to thank for modern day improv and sketch comedy. Pulcinella was a mainstay of the Neapolitan tradition of the theater. When the concept traveled to other parts of the world, he became Punch, which many of you will remember from Punch & Judy shows. Pulcinella is an authentic part of the Italian tradition that has brought centuries of joy and laughter to the hearts of people all over the world! We are so proud to have him be a part of the experience here at Vecchia.

While we’re making introductions, C Nelson Grice is the amazing local artist who has created our brilliant signature mascot! Grice specializes in uniquely entertaining animal sculptures and paintings. We are so proud that he has created our Pulcinella! Learn more about C Nelson Grice at his website.