Vecchia’s vibe is relaxed and chill, but sometimes you need to know what to expect. Here’s a brief walk-through.

The first thing that might be a little confusing is that there are usually two (or more) doors open. Don’t worry; whichever door you walk in is the right door. Head straight for the cash register to find a menu and place your order. Make sure to check the boards for any specials and to see what’s on tap! We can adapt many of our dishes to your dietary needs, so feel free to let us know if you are a vegetarian, vegan, or need a gluten-free crust.

Right around the corner from the cash register, you’ll see a water cooler and condiments. Help yourself, and feel free to watch our pizzaiolos in action. Our open-air kitchen gives you a view of the whole process of making your food. Feel free to take a tour. Kids love seeing the different areas of the restaurant.

The restroom is through the hall painted with the beautiful Peroni model. Turn left, walk through the doors.

Sit wherever you like. Choose one of our family-style, European tables inside, or relax and enjoy the weather on the patio outdoors. Make sure to angle your number where we can see it easily, because your food will be out soon!